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Name: Sameth (Sam)
Age: 17, as of the end of Abhorsen, 16 at the beginning of Lirael.
Canonpoint: After Orannis is split again.

About Sam:

• Tall, with dark curling hair.
• handsome
• has a Charter mark on his forehead, faintly seen - all people of the Old Kingdom are baptized in the Charter.


Sameth's very aware of his responsibilities to his people as Prince to the Old Kingdom, though he isn't the heir to the throne. (That duty lies with his elder sister Ellimere). He may be used to attention and being in the public eye, though he would much rather remain in his workroom and tinker on his various magical and mechanical projects. A thinker, he can get caught up in his own thoughts and zone out on people which causes his interpersonal relationships to suffer. (An exception would be Nick Sayre, who as a man interested in the sciences, seems to understand this perfectly.) Naturally curious, he often asks questions about the function and creation of the items and world around him, which makes him well suited as in taking up the mantle of Wallmaker, something he is extremely relieved about. He never wanted to follow in Sabriel’s footsteps (as Abhorsen, to keep down the Dead), despite all expectations to the contrary.

Before the realization, he often felt that he was failing in his duties due to the delay in the official start of his training; however, by the time he is given the task, he is suffering PTSD from an incident where he had to enter Death alone, with none of the tools of the trade to help him leading to an increase of avoidance tactics as he tries to convince himself to do what he must.

As he turns away from his perceived duty, he ends up believing himself to be a coward and is failing in being a good son, prince and Abhorsen. He’s guilty about it, but not enough to force himself to study the Book of the Dead, or to enter Death again. He wants to do well by other people, to the point where he is discomforted and unhappy, seeking reassurance from his parents who are often away on their own business, something he desperately wants to help with as he worries about them and the dangers they face.

He often lacks confidence in his own decisions, and often wants reassurance (called advice), in choosing the correct course of action to take, though he also delays certain actions by finding other tasks to complete; such as going out to find Nick rather than studying the Book of the Dead.

All the self-imposed pressure and expectations on how he should act and how he’s perceived by others results in him feeling sorry for himself. He gets caught up in his head and doesn’t quite interact with the outside world in a way others would understand, resulting in communication issues. This makes him seem reclusive and unapproachable. His few friends stop looking for his company during the period in which he recuperates from his venture and attack within Death. He is also afraid that the co-Regent who is taking care of Bélisaire will give unfavourable reports on his behaviour to his parents.

His self-perception eventually improves, and he begins to work out his place in the world as he works through his own fear and starts accepting all his responsibilities, and not just the ones he is comfortable with.

• Aware of current events and politics, though he may not always keep abreast of the news
• Accomplished Charter mage, though he always thinks he needs to know more. This includes combat and non-combat magics, such as the improvement of weapons, shielding, physical attack and more mundane activities such as light, healing and welding.
• Fighting arts - a necessity in the Old Kingdom. See below:
•• Swordsman of average ability, trains with the palace guards to ensure his skills are up to par
•• Archer of average ability, should accurately hit a target at 150 - 200 m (this is a guess.)
• can ride
• Inventor of items such as the Charter-spelled frog to catch insects, and a fluttering coin which only lands on command.

• Born to Touchstone and Sabriel a week after midwinter
• Attends Somersby in Ancelestierre up to the 6th from, an all boys school.
• (gets in trouble/dunce capped early on for repeating "bloody cat's too big for his bloody boots" in class)
• A member of the cricket team. Actually at the Senior Schoolboy's Shield semi-final game where he hits the winning shot and later gets attacked by Hedge, a necromancer
• Taken back to the Old Kingdom from the hospital to recover.
• Given tasks by his sister, such as presiding over petty court, sword practice and participating in a dance performance (as Bird of Dawning)
→ the dance parade is a disaster.
• Brief family talk in the reservoir related to current events in the Old Kingdom. He is given a set of necromantic bells and told that his training will begin in earnest.
• Runs away from the castle, rather than study from the Abhorsen's book, pretending that he is only going out to find Nick Sayre.
• Gets into an altercation with city guard, as he tries to leave incognito. He believes he may have killed the guards and leaves more abruptly than planned.

• Finds out his parents are dead

• Works with border guard to fight off the Dead that had gathered, uses authority as Prince to work out land agreements with Southerlings and keep them from dying needlessly. Has to protect Lirael as she enters Death to see what must be done
• Reunion with parents, and others who will participate in the ritual
• Creates a new blade from Nehima and a set of seven panpipes to cleave Orannis, stands as Belgaer against him.



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